“Imago Dei is a concept and theological doctrine that asserts that human beings are created in God’s image and therefore have inherent value independent of their utility or function…Striving to bring about the Imago Dei in one’s life can be seen as the quest for wholeness, or one’s “essential” self” – Wikipedia

As people we possess the ability to create, to impact and to change the world around us as we see fit – to remake it in our image. This ability is innate and despite the attempts of those who delude themselves with fantasies of their banality and insignificance, this ability is unavoidable. Single or married, young or old, 9 to 5er or oil tycoon, we all interact continuously with the rest of the universe and leave traces of ourselves behind. As far as I’m concerned, this interaction is the essence of our being, and understanding this, the closest we’ll ever get to realizing our purpose.

If we believe in our inherent power – and frankly, even if we don’t – life is a challenge from the God that made us or (if you’re feeling less theological than I) the Universe that produced us. Using what we have been given we must try to ascertain who exactly it is we are and what kind of world we are re-creating in our image. Our task is, as Socrates said, to know ourselves.

This blog, which provides me a small opportunity to be involved in the continual and mutual process of remaking our world (hopefully for the better), is also a step in my journey towards some degree of self-understanding. “For now we see things imperfectly, as in a cloudy mirror, but then we shall see things clearly. Now we know only a part, but then we will know fully”.

So read, think and sound off! I’m confident that we can start down that road to where we want to be.