This segment, which will certainly be recurring throughout the campaign – Oh how I wish I had thought of this back when Jeremiah Wright went and acted a goddam fool at the NAACP Anniversary – comes courtesy of the incomparably incisive and hilarious Chris Rock. In preparing myself for his new standup “Kill the Messenger” which is going to be aired this Saturday on HBO, I was on YouTube looking over his old stuff and I came across this clip, which I’ve seen about 100 times and which is still side-splitting every time I see it. The money quote and inspiration for this segment occurs at 1:48.

And so, now that the origin is explained, the first ever “N*gga, Is You Crazy?” award goes to….

Sandra Bernhard!

She is on some serious “I have taken temporary leave of my senses” shit in this video where she rants and raves incoherently about Gov. Sarah Palin. I mean I understand that there are a ton of good/not psychotic reasons to not like the idea of Sarah Palin as VP or President, but DAAAAYUUUM. The money quote from this nonsensical tirade, at least for me, is when Bernahard calls Palin a “turncoat bitch who would be gang raped by blacks in Manhattan”.

Speaking as a “black in Manhattan” I can only ask, “N*gga, Is You Crazy?”