Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative journalist George Will is the latest prominent righty who seems to be publicly eying a position under Obama and the Democrats’ “big tent” after leaving the Republican “bulldozer” behind (many thanks to Prof. Todd Gitlin for writing the intriguing book from whic I borrowed this terminology).

In his latest Op-ed piece in the Washington Post, George Will decries the knee-jerk attitude that McCain has been taking lately (see: Georgia as “the first serious crisis since the Cold War”, “We should like tots fire Chris Cox of the SEC and no I dunno why”, picking Sarah Palin as VP with ZERO vetting, etc.) and linking it implicitly with the disasters of the last 7 years under the Bush administration. In this piece he likens McCain to “a flustered rookie playing in a league too high” as well as comparing him explicitly to the Queen of Hearts in Alice and Wonderland (you remember her, she had a fondness for baseless decapitation). Finally he very heavy-handedly insinuates that McCain’s temperment – “boiling moralism and bottomless reservoir of certitudes” –  “is not suited to the presidency” while Senator Obama’s temperament is.

Add another one to the Obamacan tally. Funny how a lot of the smart/respectable conservatives are trying desperately to get away from the elephant in the room even if they won’t admit it straight away (see: Hagel, Chuck). It’s almost like the GOP has run out of ideas…

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