It’s been a looong while I know, and my apologies on that. But today’s interesting (and wholly terrifying) political news is all about Gov. Palin and her interview with Charles Gibson on ABC News. If you haven’t seen this interview, check out the embedded videos below. More of my thoughts after the break.

So as millions of Americans have seen…Governor Palin completely fails to recognize/not stare blankly into space like a moron/understand/define the term “Bush Doctrine” when prompted with it on multiple occasions.This is a failure of RIDICULOUS proportions. This means Governor Palin also can’t use Wikipedia , which meshes with John McCain’s failure to really understand “the internets” or “a google”. This also means that Governor Palin has not been paying any real attention to her party’s political positions or the legacy that her president has stuck us with over the past 8 years. But worst of all, this means the Republican nominee for Vice President could not pass an Intro level University class in International Politics. Literally, thousands of college undergraduates and recent graduates have a superior understanding of foreign policy to the Vice Presidential fucking nominee for a major American political party. After her and Bush, I’m starting to think that they should have a standardized test for people who aspire to political office. I mean, you have to take your MCATs and pass Med school before you can cut people open/prescribe them drugs that could kill them/etc. You have to take your LSATs and pass the BAR before you can be entrusted with arguing a case that could fry/lethally inject/hang someone. Shouldn’t you need to have some kind of qualifications if you might potentially have the power of life and death over millions?

*long pause*

Apparently not. God Almighty, I need a drink.