Despite the fact that I have no love/respect/admiration/tolerance for Chris Matthews (or the obv former fratboy they have filling in for him) or Hardball, I must say that when pwning needed to be done, they stepped up to the plate. So for background purposes, the morons at PUMA – an organization of  Clinton supporters/Obama haters who think she was unjustly robbed of the nomination, even though she won by no discernible metric including FL & MI – were on MSNBC ‘making their case’. For a little over 10 minutes they essentially made themselves look absolutely stupid and MSNBC’s fratboy correspondent was nice enough to help them along.

Fun Facts/Favourite Moments:

1) PUMA has raised $50,000 (with FEC-mandated max donations of $2500 a person). In the time it will take me to write this blog post, the Obama campaign will have raised more than that. But they totally represent the voice of Democratic voters.

2) The PUMA spokesperson donated $500 to the McCain campaign in ’00 (‘Democratic Clinton supporter, eh?). As MSNBC’s fratespondent points out, that is 1% of their total budget at PUMA. Tee hee.

3) Hillary Clinton has made public statements denouncing PUMA specifically, and pointing out the utter stupidity of alleged Democrats who would support McCain over Obama (whether by voting for him or staying home in a crucial election).

4) PUMA recently held their Oh-so-awesome-super-duper-pwnage PUMA Conference 2008. The attendance was supposed to be absolutely earthshattering…at 250 attendees. But they had to move it to an even smaller venue because only 60 people registered. See…well…ummm…what had happened was...