…and arguing with them is fun. Witness this link to a discussion I had a while back with one such individual. It centers on a book by David Horowitz (smoke-blowing jackass masquerading as a Conservative pundit) in which he lists ‘101 Dangerous Academics’. This list includes Todd Gitlin, thus far my favourite Columbia prof, among a number of other men and women whose only faults were: a) being a lefty/moderate, b) being absolutely brilliant, c) being FAR more important and influential than Horowitz could ever hope to be in his wildest, wettest dreams.


As any Columbia student who has endured The Core will tell you, any excuse to drop CC knowledge – witness my command of J.S. Mill biotch! – is one that absolutley must be taken advantage of. So, yah, this was fun. Any doubts about my incredible dorkiness should be alayed after reading even a bit of this bad boy….