Much like the horse-piss disguised as beer that is served at most of Columbia’s frat parties, the mainstream/traditional American media punditry makes me want to puke 8 to 9 times out of every 10 that I attempt to consume the garbage they try to pass off as acceptable. But every once in a while a journalist will actually do the job they are paid for and then I sit dumbfounded for a while before I realize that I’m pleased and pleasantly surprised. Most of the time (sadly) this person ends up being a comedian (Stewart, Colbert) and when it’s not a comedian it’s probably my girl Rachel Maddow (aka the reason I watch MSNBC, which otherwise tends to suck marginally less than everyone else). That being said, it kind of rules. It’s even better when brainless partisan hacks parroting the lines they’ve been fed get absolutely PWNED by somebody who actually decided to give a fuck and do their homework. Witness three such awesome moments in what I hope will become a regular segment entitled…
‘Douchebags are for Pwning’

Maddow pwns loser

Chris Matthews *insert insane amount of disbelief here* crushes insect aka RNC parrot

Maddow pwns Pat Buchanan with a buzzer beater

(Btw, I know we’re probably still supposed to feel bad for Harold Ford Jr. because skeezy racist Republicans cost him his campaign…but if it’s not too much to ask, I really would love for him to stop being a waste of space sometime soon.)